Missing Libarna

We’re gearing up for the Libarna Urban Landscape Project’s second season which means we have spent many months missing the lush canyons of Alessandria, the Serravalle River, the enchanting ruins of the Libarna itself, and of course, our fantastic first crop of students. This July, we will have a whole batch of new faces, but for now, we thought it would be fun to take a look back and let TTU undergraduate, Chloe Morris, share some of her favorite memories of Libarna.

Being part of the Libarna Urban Landscape Project has been life changing. Before I came on this trip I didn’t know exactly what the archaeological process looks like and I’d never been to Europe, now I know about both! Although I already know that survey isn’t the exact career I want I still think it is critical to understand and appreciate the entire process. It feels amazing to know that I helped collect the data to make future discoveries possible. I also loved being able to see the many different aspects (of archaeology) with us surveying, the soprintendenza excavating the baths, and the rest of site that is open to the public. It also felt really cool to be working a lesser known site that could possibly be a big attraction in the future.

We were very lucky to have such wonderful people in the town that cared so much about our work and were happy to have us here. It emphasizes the social and diplomatic aspects of the job. I loved the emphasis that was put on visiting amazing museums every weekend. It gave a lot of information about the people and cultures that thrived here, and how they differed from other Roman peoples, and why we want to study them. I really can’t think of a better way to get course credits than work on an influential project and travel through Italy.

One of my favourite parts about the trips was the people. There’s no bonding like forced bonding, and it does the trick. Everyone (staff) is so well educated in different areas and it is so nice to be able to get different perspectives and advice. Overall I would say the first season of the LULP was a definite success and I wish to return!

We miss you Chloe and wish you the best (Psst! Anytime you want to come by and grid, you’re more than welcome!).

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