Archaeologists Assemble: Meet the 2018 LULP Team

Welcome to the third season of LULP! We are nine strong this year and going full steam ahead on another year of survey. Before we get to far into the business of data collection, some introductions are in order!

Of course, we have Drs. Katherine V. Huntley and Hannah Friedman (that’s Katie and Nana respectively in the field) at the LULP helm. Dr. John Bradford joins us from his new digs at the Colorado School of Mines (not mimes… we confused some students with our sloppy diction), and brings with him, for the third and fourth week, postgraduate student, Adam Mangel. Shura Harris, our Survey Coordinator and Outreach Officer, is representing the UK and eagerly hoping for England’s domination at the World Cup. Our resident Libarna specialist and archaeologist, Melania Cazzulo, joins us in the field again as well. Back at the keyboard today is Nicole Inghilterra, Camp Director and Education Coordinator.


Speaking of students, our contingent arrived here on Saturday! Boise State University master’s student, Hayley Noble, might be missing some baggage (thanks Delta) but she’s certainly not lacking in enthusiasm. Back in Boise, Hayley studies the history of World War II and female Soviet combatants. Also joining us from BSU is Joseph Bradshaw, a media arts major. We’re not at all joking when we say Libarna would make for some good documentary material! Senior project perhaps? Elijah Castillo came all the way from the Longhorn State, but he’s spent the past month in Spain studying at the TTU Seville campus, so he’s well past the jet lag phase of travel. As a kinesiology major, Elijah brings a totally different perspective to the table. Here’s to hoping we’re carrying the jerry-can in an anatomically correct way! We’re turning them all into archaeologists, one field at a time.

Things kicked into high gear the moment we assembled, and we have a busy four weeks ahead of us. In-between introducing the students to the region, we’ve already been able to examine a concrete parking lot and a gas station with our fabulous new GPR machine, something we couldn’t have done with the equipment we were using in previous years. We’ll soon be moving back to fields that gave us good results in preliminary work last year, as well as few more new locations, but that’s another post altogether!


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