The team of the Libarna Urban Landscape Project comprises professors and professionals from diverse backgrounds bringing their various expertise and passion to our investigation into this important site.

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Huntley, Project Director, Associate Professor at Boise State University, PhD at the University of Leicester at the School of Archaeology and Ancient History

Katie completed her PhD in archaeology and ancient history at the University of Leicester in the UK and is currently an Assistant Professor of History at Boise State University. Her research centers around Roman material culture as it relates to the daily life of women and children, as well as the understanding of gender in the ancient world. Katie’s doctoral research focused on the material evidence of childhood and children from the first through fifth centuries CE. Additional lines of research include religious beliefs and experience, Roman graffiti, and domestic and family life in the ancient world. She has conducted archaeological fieldwork in sites throughout Italy as well as Romanian and England. Previous work in Italy includes a five year term as archaeological illustrator in Pompeii as well as a season as co-director of the Pompeii Post-Excavation Project (PPExP). Additional I carried out illustration work forthe Gabii Project in central Italy, the Baqua Landscape Project in Jordan, and the Bova Marina project in Calabria, Italy. 

Dr. Alexis Christensen, Associate Director of LULP, Associate Professor at the University of Utah, PhD from Florida State University


Dr. Melania Cazzulo, Field Director and Local Archaeological Consultant, Professional archaeologist, with MA in Archaeology from the University of Pisa, Diploma in Archaeological Heritage from the University of Genoa. 

Melania completed her Master’s degree at the University of Pisa in 2010, focusing on Minoan and Mycenaean Archaeology. In 2014 she gained a further diploma from the University of Genoa specializing in Roman Archaeology. Since completing her Master’s, Melania has worked on a number of different sites throughout Italy including Neolithic, Iron Age, Roman, and Medieval. In 2011 Melania participated in the excavation of the South Gate of Libarna and since 2014 she has worked in collaboration with the Libarna Arteventi Association to bring more attention to the site and help educate visitors. As a local of the area, Melania is our Italian expert, proving knowledge of the archaeological site and facilitating vital communication between the project and local community. Melania has been working with the LULP since 2016.

Professor John Bradford, Head of School at the Colorado School of Mines, GPR specialist

As professor and department head at the Colorado College of Mines, John’s primary research interest is centered around quantitative analysis of wave propagation based geophysical data, particularly seismic reflection and ground-penetrating radar (GPR). This includes developing an understanding of what physical properties it is possible to quantify, developing data analysis tools to make those measurements, and integrating physical property estimates in the solution of more general earth science problems. He applies these quantitative methodologies to a broad range of problems including detecting contaminants in shallow groundwater systems, glacier hydrology, snow characterization, sea ice imaging, permafrost dynamics, surface water hydrology, basin stratigraphy, shallow hydrothermal systems, and subsurface archaeological remains. John has been working with the LULP since 2017.

Dr. Hannah (Nana) Friedman, Independent Scholar, GIS/Mapping Specialist and Field School Management 

Nana completed her PhD work at the University of Leicester in the UK. As co-investigator of the Barqa Landscape Project, Nana studied the copper mining district of Faynan, a site containing some of the earliest industrial activities in human history. She has also conducted archaeological fieldwork in Pompeii, Romania, England, Texas, and NW Arkansas. She has taught at the University of Leicester, the University of Oxford and Birbeck College, University of London. Nana was also a fellow at the University of Arkansas’s Digital Institute of Archaeology. Her publications discuss ancient Roman slavery, agriculture, pollution, and spatial control through observation. Currently, Nana’s focus includes work on gendered perceptions of archaeological finds in public discourse and media.

Michael Boyles, MA Texas Tech University, Drone and GIS specialist

More to come

Dr. Melania Semeraro, Independent contractor and Local Pottery expert, 

Pottery Expert (more to come)

Nicole Inghilterra, Idaho State Historical Society, Museum and Artefact Collections Specialist, Field school coordinator

Nicole completed her BA in anthropology and history in 2014 at Boise State University. Since 2013, she has participated in excavations and post excavation projects throughout Italy and the UK. Outside of the field season, she works on artifact digitization with the Idaho State Historical Society. Nicole joined the LULP in 2016.


Chloe Stringer, University of Sheffield, UK, Graduate Student

Archeo-zoological specialist (animal bones). More coming soon. See blog post on new staff for further information:

Petur Hansen, University of Leicester – Schoool of Archaeology and Ancient History, Graduate Student

Assistant archeo-zoological specialist (animal bones). More coming soon. See blog post on new staff for further information:

Dr. Erica Rowan, Environment specialist at Lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London

Sampling and analysis of environmental data, including plant materials for food and other uses. More information to come.

Hannah Lessiter, MA student at Royal Holloway, University of London, Assistant to Dr. Rowan in environmental sampling and analysis.

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Alexandra (Shura) Harris, Survey Coordinator and Outreach Officer

Shura completed her BA (Hons) in Classical Studies in 2015 at the University of Reading in the UK. Following previous dig seasons working in the lab on the Barqa Landscape Project with Dr. Friedman in Jordan, Shura joined the LULP in 2016.

Dr. Sesha Wallace, PhD in Music, assistant to Mr. Boyles with the drone and management of field school students

More info to come.